Steady rests for crank shaft machining is a very important variant of steady rests. FAR has developed and supplied entire range if steady rests required for crank shaft machining applications including CRANK SHAFT TURNING, CRANK SHAFT MILLING, CRANK SHAFT OIL HOLE DRILLING etc.
FAR self cantering steady rest work on
an entirely different principle. Three rollers
should the work piece at point approx 120o
apart. These rollers move such the they always inscribe concentric circle between them. This feature along with the internal compressing system prevents the dislocation of work piece canter under changing clamping pressure. This results in high catering accuracy
By mounting accordingly these steady rests
can be used for turning outside diameters facing drilling grinding induction Harding etc.
.Adjustable 3 piece chip guard for outer
...rollers.with minimum reduction of

.Automatic catering to reduce time and
increased productivity
.High catering Accuracy
.Replicable sealing strip and provision
...forcompressed air connection prevents
...the entry of coolant and dirt to the body
...of steady rest
.All standard steady rest have provision
.. for centralised lubrication
.Actuating cylinder is provided with integral valve ensure support of the work under
...sudden pressure drops
.These are based on special design,
...provided in the field

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