Principle of working style
MF series of magazine bar feeder is suited to feed both fixed and sliding head stock lathes The working cycle is controlled by and integrated PLC which  is able to communicate with lathe control
This display unit make programming easier.
A pendent is provide to control the main function without leaving the lathe During machining, the guide channel is closed and a pump is provided to maintain a continuous oil flow inside the rubber liner, developing a hydrodynamic effect. This helps the bar inside the rubber liner rotate at high rpm without any vibration and surface damage 
The front clamp is attached for an extra support to the bar pusher while machining cycle. The bar end piece ejection can be done by  centre clamp or by next bar feeding Stroke control and safety valves  

.Most modern feeding mechanism
.Very compact design
.Models are available to cover bar
...ranges 2 mm to 80 mm
.Bar length 3200mm
.Can be interfaced to all cnc Machine
.Specially designed for CNC lathes
...andsliding head (Swiss type ) auto
.Programmable length
.Easy to change bar range
.Very high speeds of spindle rotation
.Hydrodynamic support of bars possible
.Other models available of request
.Models available with both front and
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