Steady Rest are normally used efficient machining of long slender shafts. On conventional steady rest three screws 120o apart are adjusted manually. This type of centering process is not reliable and depends on operator’s skill.
FAR self centering steady rest work on an entirely different principle. Three rollers hold the work piece at point approx 120o apart. These rollers move such that they always inscribe concentric circles between them. This feature along with the internal compensating system prevents the dislocation of work piece center under changing clamping pressure. This results in high centering accuracy By mounting accordingly these steady rests can be used for turning outside diameters, inside diameters, facing, drilling, grinding, induction hardening etc.
Steady rest can be operated either hydraulically or pneumatically with the only difference being the clamping cylinder bore.
.In FRU series the clamping cylinder is fixed as axial extension at the rear end. With FRU-B series the cylinder is fixed to the side of the steady rests to save mounting space

.Automatic centering to reduce cycle time
... increased productivity.
.High centering accuracy.
.Replicable sealing strip and provision for
... compressed air connection prevents the entry of
... coolant and dirt to the body of steady rest.
.All standard steady rest have provision for
...centralized lubrication system
.Actuating cylinder is provided with integral safety
...valve ensure support of the work under sudden
...pressure drops.
.These are based on special cam design, which is
...proved in the field
.Adjustable 3 piece chip guard for outer rollers
...with minimum reduction of clamping range
.These steady rests can be mounted either on
.. slant or flat bed lathes. Rigid and precisely made
...bracket ensure centering accuracy

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